Cross Country Season 2023 & Louth Championships

September 24th ???????????? Congratulations to our Juveniles out running in the first cross country events of the season… At the Star of the Sea Annual Cross Country Meet our U11 Girls, Lucy Whelan, Evie Corcoran & Niamh Ireland won a 3rd place team medal in the U11 1000m race and Rhona Keenan won a 4th place medal in the U12 1500m race. Well done Ladies ????????????

Also on this day there was fantastic running from our members, Hannah Duffy, Freya Durnin, Sadie Durnin, Tess Maguire, Lily Maguire, Maisie Durnin, Lexie McKenna, Sadie Durnin and Aaron Durnin who competed at the juvenile races at the John Mitchels 5K. Well done Everyone ????????????

Star of the Sea AC Cross Country Meet…

John Mitchel’s GFC Juvenile Races…

October 1st ???????????? Wonderful running from our adult and juvenile members competing in the Louth Novice and Even Age Cross Country Championships

In the Novice Women’s 3K race we had Hazel McGuinness on a return trip from Spain coming 5th and in the Novice Men’s 6K race and coming 4th as a team we had Liam Giggins 13th, Mark Durnin 25th, Dave Symmons 26th and Tony Finegan 27th . Well done Everyone ????????????

For the Juveniles we had U8s Abigail Duffy in the novelty race and U10s Hannah Duffy in the U10 800m and running up an age U9s Gerard Thornton and Loui Quinn Finegan also in the U10 800m, U11s Rhona Keenan, Tess Maguire, Evelyn Thornton, Niamh Ireland, Evie Quinn Finegan, Frank Sands and Emmett Dillon also running up an age in the U12 2K, U13s Lily Maguire in the U14 3K and U17s Charlie Sands in the U18s 6K. Well done Everyone and congratulations to our U12 Girls Team on coming 3rd overall ????????????


U10 800m – U10 Hannah Duffy 12th / U9 Gerard Thornton 22nd / U9 Loui Quinn Finegan 35th.

U12 2000m – U11 Rhona Keenan 10th / Tess Maguire 11th / Evelyn Thornton 15th / Niamh Ireland 31st / Evie Quinn Finegan 35th / Frank Sands 16th / Emmett Dillon 20th.

U14 3000m – U13 Lily Maguire 23rd / U18 6000m – U17 Charlie Sands 6th.

Louth Novice & Juvenile Even Age Cross Country Championships…

October 8th ???????????? Fantastic running from our adult and juvenile members competing in the Louth Intermediate and Uneven Age Cross Country Championships…

Well done to Vincent McQuillan placing 15th and Tony Finegan 21st in a very fast and challenging Intermediate Men’s 8K. And for the Juvenile races we had U9s Aisling Musiime & Gerard Thornton. U11s Lucy Whelan, Tess Maguire, Freya Durnin, Evelyn Thornton, Evie Corcoran and Niamh Ireland, Frank Sands, Emmett Dillon and Aaron Durnin, U13s Rhona Keenan and Lily Maguire and U15s Daniel Cirdei. Super performances from everyone with Aisling taking home the gold and Gerard, Lucy, Tess, Freya, Frank and Rhona finishing in top ten positions and Lucy, Tess, Freya & Evelyn coming away with a Silver Team medal. Well done Everyone ????????????


U9 800m – Aisling Musiime 1st and Gerard Thornton 8th (Medals for the top 10 finishers).

U11 Girls 1500m – Lucy Whelan 4th, Tess Maguire 5th, Freya Durnin 8th, Evelyn Thornton 13th, Evie Corcoran 17th and Niamh Ireland 33rd / Silver Team medal for Lucy, Tess, Freya & Evelyn.

U11 Boys 1500m – Frank Sands 5th, Emmett Dillon 18th and Aaron Durnin 20th

U13 2500m – Rhona Keenan 9th and Lily Maguire 17th & U15 3500m – Daniel Cirdei 14th

Louth Intermediate & Juvenile Uneven Age Cross Country Championships…