JOIN / CLUB SHOP - Click on the links below Join or purchase our club gear


To join please click the link below and let us know when you wish to begin training with us and get your name added to our club contact groups – Contact names & numbers found in Contact us.

MEMBERSHIP FEE 2024 – Adults €60 / Juveniles €50 / Family of 3 or more €150 – There is a small online transaction charge added.


If registering 3 or more athletes in your family for the first time, please contact our Club Registrar, Trudi McGuinness 087 296 7835 who will send you a direct link to complete your new membership application, if you do not do this you will be overcharged!

Juvenile members may be represented at the AGM and any EGMs by a parent/guardian.

RENEWING YOUR MEMBERSHIP – Every year THE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OF IRELAND (AAI) will email you with a link to renew your membership.

If renewing membership for 3 or more in your family contact our Club Registrar Trudi McGuinness 087 296 7835 who will send you a direct link, if you do not do this you will be overcharged!

EXPERIENCING PROBLEMS – If you experience any of the following problems, please contact our Club Registrar (do not create a new member application)…

  • You cannot find your email from the AAI to renew your membership.
  • The system does not recognise your email address.
  • Your name does not appear when you login.
  • Your wish to add a 3rd of more to your family membership.

TRANSFERS – If you wish to transfer to our club or wish to transfer from us to another club/county, Please contact our Club Registrar, Trudi McGuinness 087 296 7835 who will talk you through the procedure involved.

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(Club Gear, Singlets & Spikes)

CLUB GEAR – WE ARE PRESENTLY IN THE PROCESS OF CREATING A NEW CLUB SHOP – Link and details will be uploaded shortly.

CLUB SINGLETS All members must wear our Club Singlet when competing in Louth, Leinster & National Championships and at other AAI affiliated Club events (a plain white t-shirt must be worn until a Singlet is purchased).

  • At present Singlets can be ordered directly from our Club – Contact your child’s coach or a member of the committee – names & numbers found in Contact us.
  • Sizes: 26 (ages 5/6); 28 (ages 7/8); 30 (ages 9/10); 32 (ages 11/12) – Price: €20.00
  • Sizes: 34; 36; 38; 40; 42 (for all ages from 13 years up) – Price: €25.00

RUNNING SPIKES – ‘Running Spikes’ are worn for competitions only (Track & Field and Cross Country).  We do not train in our running spikes or wear them for road races (optional for Long Jump training).

  • Online links to purchase running spikes  Sports Direct online only  /  The Run Hub in Dublin  /  Colgan Sports in Naas  /  Gleeson Sport Scene in Limerick  /  BMC Sports in Letterkenny.
  • When searching for spikes on these websites search ‘running spikes’.  You can also search direct on Brand owned Websites (i.e., Adidas, Asics, NewBalance, Nike, etc.).
  • Spike Pins – Can be bought from Sharkey Sports Ardee – For Track & Field, ‘pyramid spikes’ must be no greater than 5mm especially on Mondo track surfaces (i.e., Morton Stadium, Tullamore Track)  /  For Cross Country, ‘pyramid spikes’ or ‘needle spikes’ can be up to 10mm in length.  Our Juveniles use pyramid spikes.