JUVENILES - all you need to know about athletic events in the community games (area, county, regional & national)


Who can enter? – The Community Games run separately to the AAI (Athletic Association of Ireland) with their own rules and age categories and are open to all children from 7 to15 years of age (not just athletic club members) – so invite your family, friends and neighbours from your community. (Our members are in the Ardee/Reaghstown Area Community Games).

How do I know which Area Games I can attend? – Message Louth Community Games via their Facebook page and they will confirm if you are living in an affiliated area that makes you eligible to compete in the Community Games – Link to Louth Community Games Facebook Page.

What can my child wear? – For the Community Games anything goes, comfortable clothing and runners – A note to athletic club members – ‘athletic club colours’ are not permitted, so no singlet and spikes are not permitted for those children competing in the U8 & U10 age group events.

What athletic events can my child compete in? – Please note, not all Area Games host all these events:

    • U8 – 60m, 80m
    • U10 – 100m, 200m, 60m Hurdles, Relay (Mixed 4x100m)
    • U12 – 100m, 200m, 600m, Long Jump, Ball Throw, Relay (Boys & Girls 4x100m)
    • U13 – Relay (Mixed 4x100m)
    • U14 – 100m, 800m, 80m Hurdles, Long Jump, Shot Put, Javelin, Relay (Boys & Girls 4x100m)
    • U15 – Relay (Mixed 4x100m)
    • U16 – 100m, 200m, 1500m, High Jump, Discus, Relay (Boys & Girls 4x100m and Mixed 4x200m)
    • Click into the following link to see the Community Games’ Rule Book for all these events –  Community Games Rule Book.

How do I calculate my child’s age category – Click into the following link to see what Age Group your child can compete in.  This is an online calculator on the Community Games Website Community Games Age Calculator.

Further Information – For more information on all about the Community Games go to the following Websites:  Community Games  or  Louth Community Games (or follow them on Facebook: Community Games or Louth Community Games).

Competition Dates for 2024:

  • Ardee/Reaghstown Area Community GamesTuesday, 14th May 2024 @ 6.30pm – hosted by Ardee & District AC, Boys’ School Field, Ardee – No entry fee (4 qualifiers from each event go to the Louth County Games (all competitors can compete in all events at the Area Games).
  • Louth Community Games (a competitor can only compete in one of their qualifying events from the Area Games, if they qualify from more than one event) – Saturday, 25th May 2024 – Lourdes Stadium, Drogheda – Entry charge at the gate (2 qualifiers from each field event go direct to the Nationals including 1st place winners of all track events / 2nd & 3rd place qualifiers go to the North Regional Community Games.  All qualifiers representing Louth wear the Louth County Singlet at both the Regional and National Games – To get one, Facebook message Louth Community Games Facebook page).
  • North Regional Community Games (Track events only) – Saturday, 10th August 2024 – TUS Athlone, (Outdoor Track) Co. Westmeath N37 A3W4 – Online entry tickets via Community Games Website – €10.00 for competitors & spectators (3 qualifiers from each track event go through to the Nationals).
  • National Community GamesSaturday, 24th August 2024 – SETU Sport Campus, Carlow, Co. Carlow R92 X232 – Online entry tickets via Community Games Website – €10.00/competitors & €15.00/spectators.

The Community Games host a variety of competitions not just athletics – checkout their website for all you need to know… Community Games.

Individual Events:  Art / Athletics (track) / Ball Throw / Cycling on Grass / Discus / Gymnastics / Hand Writing/ Hand Ball / High Jump / Javelin / Long Jump / Long Puck / Model Making / Pitch & Putt / Shot Putt / Sola Dance / Solo Recitation / Solo Singing / Swimming / Athletics Hurdles.

Representative:  Cross Country / Debating / Marathon / Mixed Distance Relay / Projects U16.

Team Events:  Badminton / Basketball / Camogie / Chess / Choir / Culture Corner / Draughts / Futsal / Gaelic Football / Group Dance Irish Contemporary / Group Dance Modern & Disco / Group Drama & Comedy / Group Music / Group Singing / Hurling / Indoor Soccer / Rugby 7s / Rounders / Projects / Skittles / Soccer Outdoor / Soccer 7 a Side / Spike Ball / Swimming Squad / Table Tennis / Tag Rugby / Throw Ball Rounders / Quiz / Athletics Relay.