Leinster Juvenile Championships 2024

In the month of June the Leinster Championships began for our club with our U11 Girls Team of Aisling Musiime, Hannah Duffy, Freya Durnin & Sadie Durnin competing in the Leinster Inter-Club Relays and finishing an impressive 6th place improving immensely from their 3rd place finish at the Louths.

The following weekend it was the Leinster Juvenile Championships and what a fantastic competition it was for these juveniles – Frank Sands, Oscar McArdle Murphy, Ruri Mothiram, Alex McFadden, Max O’Sullivan, Aoife Pentony, Charlotte O’Shea, Charle Sands and Kya Mothiram.

Competing for the first time at this level were Frank and Charlotte and both of them made the Top 8; Frank came 5th in the U12 Turbo Javelin and finished well in the 60m Hurdles and Long Jump and Charlotte came 6th in the U17 Discus and 8th in the Shot Put. Also finishing in the Top 8 were Max and Alex; Max came 7th in the 1500m and Alex, 8th in the 100m but both took home the Silver along with fellow Louth athletes in the Boys U15 County Relay Team. Agonizingly close and just missing out on the medals coming 4th was Aoife in the U16 Javelin and Discus and Charlie in the Long Jump.

And finishing two days of competition we had nine podium successes; Ruri took home the Bronze in the U15 Discus and Charlie came away with the Silver in the U18 Javelin, 400m Hurdles and 110m Hurdles and the Gold went to Oscar in the U14 Javelin, Ruri in the U15 Shot Put, Alex in the U15 300m and Kya in both the U19 Discus and Shot Put.

Congratulations to each and everyone of these young athletes, we a extremely proud of them.


June 9th – Leinster Inter-Club Relay Championships

  • Aisling Musiime, Hannah Duffy, Freya Durnin & Sadie Durnin – 6th U11 Girls Relay Team.

June 15th & 16th – Leinster Juvenile Championships

  • Frank Sands – 5th U12 Turbo Javelin competed well in the Long Jump & 60m Hurdles.
  • Oscar McArdle Murphy – 1st U14 Javelin.
  • Ruri Mothiram – 1st U15 Shot Put & 3rd Discus.
  • Alex McFadden – 1st U15 300m, 8th 100m & 2nd Louth Boys Relay Team (Reserve) .
  • Max O’Sullivan – 7th U15 1500m & 2nd Louth Boys Relay Team.
  • Aoife Pentony – 4th U16 Discus & 4th Javelin.
  • Charlotte O’Shea – 6th U16 Discus & 8th Shot Put.
  • Charlie Sands – 2nd U18 110mHurdles, 400mHurdles, Javelin & 4th Long Jump.
  • Kya Mothiram – 1st U19 Shot Put & Discus.

Leinster Inter-Club Relay Championships – Our U11 Girls Relay Team – Aisling Musiime, Freya Durnin, Sadie Durnin & Hannah Duffy…

Leinster Juvenile Championships 2024…

Kya Mothiram 1st U19 Discus & Shot Put