JUVENILES  –  Attending an event?

Parents, please read the following guidelines:

AAI  –  All events listed are AAI (Athletic Association of Ireland) approved and all competitors must be Club and AAI registered (to register click on ‘Join’ and download the Membership Form). 

EVENT ATTENDANCE  –  We require that all parents confirm their child’s availability to attend the Louth, Leinster & National events listed in ‘Track & Field’ and/or ‘Cross Country’ 3 weeks before each event.  The Club is bound by a 2 week deadline for the entry and payment of our athletes to compete in these AAI approved events and your co-operation would be deeply appreciated (if you are late confirming your attendance please contact Tracey McCarron 087 7511376).

EVENT MEETING POINT  –  When attending an event look out for our Club Flag or Club Tent.  We require all coaches and athletes meet 45 minutes before the event start time.  This allows time to attach race numbers, check out the race route and complete the all important warm up.

EVENT CHANGES  –  Any changes to upcoming events will be given at training and/or published via WhatsApp notifications from the club’s mobile 085 765 4578 or posted on our Facebook page. Please like us on Facebook and ensure you have our club’s mobile no., saved to your phone to stay updated.

SINGLETS  –  All athletes must wear a Club Singlet at all AAI approved events, this is compulsory.  For ‘newcomers’ a plain white t-shirt would suffice until a singlet is purchased – Speak to your coach to place an order or message Mari via WhatsApp (club mobile 085 7654578) or on our Facebook page (other club t-shirts, zippies and tracksuits can also be ordered through the club).

SPIKES  –  Spikes are optional but advisable especially for competing members and at cross country events.

ROAD RACES/FUN RUNS  –  If you enter your child into a road race not listed on our schedule of events please ensure that you accompany them and that they do not wear our club colours/singlet.  An AAI Ruling regarding the attendance of underage athletes at 5ks, 10ks, etc….. Juveniles can partake in races greater than that of their Age Group, but can only do so with parental/guardian consent and they CANNOT wear club colours/singlets:  Age Groups – Up to 11yrs – 1.5k / 12-13yrs – 2k / 14-15yrs – 3k / 16-17yrs – 4k / 18yrs + 10k / The minimum threshold for a 5k is 16yrs & for a 10k is 18yrs.

Any queries regarding upcoming events please do not hesitate to speak to your child’s coach or a club official at the end of any training session.


Age categories are calculated from the 31st of December in the year of competitions.
  • No athlete may obtain a birthday in the year of competition and compete in that age.
  • Some Cross Country Events are ‘even’ age only or ‘uneven’ age only.  If your child’s age category is not listed then they run in the next age group up.
  • For further information click on –   www.athleticsireland.ie   /   www.athleticsleinster.org   /   www.athleticslouth.com
Born 2013  Under 8 Born 2009  Under 12 Born 2005  Under 16
Born 2012  Under 9 Born 2008  Under 13 Born 2004  Under 17
Born 2011  Under 10 Born 2007  Under 14 Born 2003  Under 18
Born 2010  Under 11 Born 2006  Under 15 Born 2002  Under 19


  • The Community Games run separately to the AAI with their own rules & age categories and are open to all children in our community, not just club members so invite your friends & neighbours.
  • For the Community Games, ‘Club Colours’ are not permitted, so no singlet.  Spikes are not permitted for those children competing in the U8 & U10 age groups.
  • For further information click on –   www.communitygames.ie      www.louthcommunitygames.ie
  • Age Groups for Athletic Competitions in 2020 – U8/O6  –  U10/O8  –  U12/O10  –  U14/O12  –  U16/O14
  • Community Games 2020 Age Guidelines :- Under 16: Competitors born on or before 31 July 2004 are overage  /  Under 15: Competitors born on or before 31 July 2005 are overage  /  Under 14: Competitors born on or before 31 July 2006 are overage  /   Under 13: Competitors born on or before 31 July 2007 are overage  /  Under 12: Competitors born on or before 31 July 2008 are overage  /  Under 11: Competitors born on or before 31 July 2009 are overage  /  Under 10: Competitors born on or before 31 July 2010 are overage  /  Under 9: Competitors born on or before 31 July 2011 are overage  /  Under 8: Competitors born on or before 31 July 2012 are overage.
  • Ardee/Reaghstown Area Games – TBC in May 2020 @ 6.30pm, hosted by Ardee & District AC, Boys’ School Field, Ardee.
  • Louth Community Games (qualifiers from the Area’s only – 3rd June 2020 @ 6.30pm, Lourdes Stadium, Drogheda. 
  • National Community Games (qualifiers from the Louth’s only) – 15th & 16th August 2020, University of Limerick.