JUVENILES (AGES & COMPETITION) - age catagories, attending competitions including info on Community Games



For all Athletic Clubs affiliated with the Athletic Association of Ireland Age categories are calculated to the 31st of December in the year of competition, i.e., the age your child turns between January 1st and December 31st.

  • For the Year 2024 (January 1st to December 31st 2024)
Born 2017  Under 8 Born 2013  Under 12 Born 2009  Under 16
Born 2016  Under 9 Born 2012  Under 13 Born 2008  Under 17
Born 2015  Under 10 Born 2011  Under 14 Born 2007  Under 18
Born 2014  Under 11 Born 2010  Under 15 Born 2006  Under 19


Parents, please read the following guidelines on entering and attending competitions and if you have any further queries please speak to your child’s coach or WhatsApp them on the JUVENILE WhatsApp Group:

AAI  –  All competitions attended by our Juveniles are AAI approved (Athletic Association of Ireland approved) and all competitors must be Club and AAI registered – To register or renew your membership click JOIN. 

COMPETITIONS  –  A list of all competitions available to our members is found by clicking into MEMBERS/JUVENILES/AAI COMPETITIONS.

UPCOMING COMPETITIONS  –  All upcoming competitions will be posted on the JUVENILE WhatsApp Group.

REGISTERING FOR COMPETITIONS  –  Our club enters all Juveniles into Louth, Leinster & National competitions including The Setanta Games, The Ras na hEireann and Cushinstown AC Open Indoors.

  • For these ‘club entered’ competitions a deadline for entry will be posted on the JUVENILE WhatsApp Group.
  • For Irish Schools’ competitions your child’s Post Primary School enters them.
  • For All other Open Competitions you can enter yourself – they will be ‘pay at the gate’ or ‘pay on the line’.

CHANGES TO COMPETITIONS  –  Any changes to upcoming competitions will be posted on the JUVENILE WhatsApp Group.

MEETING UP AT COMPETITIONS  –  When attending a competition look out for our Club Flag or Club Tent.  We require all coaches and athletes meet at least 45 minutes before the event start time (or your child’s first race start time).  This allows time to attach race numbers, check out the race route/track facilities and complete the all important warm up.

SINGLETS  –  All members must wear our Club Singlet when competing at all competitions.  A plain white t-shirt must be worn until a Singlet is purchased.

  • Singlets can be ordered directly from our Club – WhatsApp our Club Mobile 085 765 4578 or message one of the Coaches on the JUVENILE WhatsApp Group.
  • Sizes: 26 (ages 5/6); 28 (ages 7/8); 30 (ages 9/10); 32 (ages 11/12) – Price: €20.00
  • Sizes: 34; 36; 38; 40; 42; 44; 46; 48 & 50 (for all ages from 13 years up) – Price: €25.00
  • Other club t-shirts, 1/4 zip, jackets, hats/gloves, hi-vis, etc., can also be ordered through the club shop – click JOIN/CLUB SHOP.

SPIKES  –  Spikes are optional but advisable especially for competing members and at cross country events.  Regarding Spike Pins… For Track & Field, ‘pyramid spikes’ must be no greater than 5mm especially on Mondo track surfaces (i.e., Morton Stadium, Tullamore Track) and for Cross Country, ‘pyramid spikes’ or ‘needle spikes’ can be up to 10mm in length.  Our Juveniles use pyramid spikes only.  For links to online shops to purchase spikes click JOIN/CLUB SHOP.

ROAD RACES/FUN RUNS  –  If you enter your child into a fun run/road race not listed on our juvenile schedule of events please ensure that you accompany your child in the race or have an appointed guardian to run with them (children aged 14 or under must be accompanied by a parent/guardian).  Also, the wearing of club colours/singlets is not permitted.  The following is an AAI Ruling regarding the attendance of underage athletes at 5ks, 10ks, etc….. “Juveniles can partake in races greater than that of their Age Group, but can only do so with parental/guardian consent and they CANNOT wear club colours/singlets:  Age Groups – Up to 11yrs – 1.5k / 12-13yrs – 2k / 14-15yrs – 3k / 16-17yrs – 4k / 18yrs + 10k / The minimum threshold for a 5k is 16yrs & for a 10k is 18yrs”.